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BizBio Videos is a part of Omni Productions, a leading corporate video production company with studios and headquarters just south of downtown Orlando, FL.  Quite frankly, we love to produce videos for our clients and especially love it when they tell how well it worked for them. 

With over 20 years of experience in providing high-end video projects from some of America’s biggest corporations, we’ve taken what we’ve learned, simplified the process for small and medium sized businesses and developed an efficient production process that allows us to make these spectacular videos at a remarkably affordable price. 

Make no mistake: we don’t cut the quality.  You still get top quality production values and our years of corporate storytelling experience.   The videos are shot in the same state of the art studio facility that we use for big budget projects.  And they are editing in our state of the art editing facilities.

Most importantly, we treat small business just like our bigger clients. Because we know that while right now, you're looking at a small budget BizBio video, you probably know other business people who might want one too.  And one day soon, you might want one of our more customized full featured productions. 


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