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Why BizBio?


Video helps your website stand out in the crowd! 

Over half of all Internet traffic is streaming video. Think about your own search habits. If there is a short video that explains a concept or product that you’re interested in, aren’t you more likely to watch a short video instead of reading a bunch of text?

That’s why Google tracks the presence of video as one of the variables in determining which websites are relevant to searchers.

Why do BizBio videos work so well?

Think about how you choose vendors or suppliers for your own business. Part of your decision is undoubtedly an objective decision.  That is, you try to determine who provides the best service at the best price.  We all do that, right?

But there’s usually something more at play - something that’s hard to quantify or package into a brochure, a commercial, or a website full of slick graphics and product descriptions. 

Most of us choose to do business with people we like and trust.  We want to know that the individual person we’re dealing with is real, genuine, and sincere.  We need to believe that they have our best interest at heart.

And that’s what BizBio Videos are all about.  These short, simple, and candid videos allow your customers to see the real you and how you do business. 

It’s fun, easy, and … wait for it ...  affordable!

Ready to get started?

Click here or pick up the phone and call us (407) 854-9971 and one of our producers will answer any questions you might have.

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